Dazzling Disneyland – Exploring Tomorrowland and Mickey’s Toontown

Ever wondered what to see and do in each of Disney’s lands? Look no further! In this blog, I’ll offer my opinions on the rides and where to find some cool eats, treats and souvenirs!


Doesn’t feel as futuristic nowadays; they’ve done their best to update it as much as possible though. A major focus of Tomorrowland is Star Wars; don’t be surprised if some Storm Troopers accost you to make sure you have proper clearance. Luckily, he let my mom go!


Space Mountain – one of the most famous Disney rides. It’s dark in there – with strobe lights , flashing lights, red beams. Up and down, left and right…in the dark. Can’t see where you’re going. The whole experience left me dizzy for about 20 minutes afterward.  This is the only thrill ride I refused to ride more than once. Single rider line option.

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage – sigh – I really wanted to like this one.  You enter a submarine, which is in a pool of water.  You sit on a bench in front of a porthole, and watch underwater scenes of fish and stuff from Finding Nemo. It’s visually appealing, but I don’t know, maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood for it. And waiting over an hour to ride didn’t help the situation.

Star Tours – a 3D motion simulator. Waiting in line for the ride is interesting at least because you’re in a spaceport, and C3P0 is there! It even has a screen with space flight statuses, weather forecasts, etc.  The ride itself is randomized and each journey is slightly different. You’re inside the Starspeeder 1000, and headed to a galaxy far far away.


Star Wars Launch Bay – almost like a museum, has items and replicas from the movies. You can also meet your favorite characters here. I had a run in with Boba Fett.  If you’re not a Star Wars fan or haven’t seen the movies(really??!!), this will be of ZERO interest to you.

Autopia – this ride looked juvenile to me, but man, it was FUN!  One of the original rides from 1955. It’s a race car track, which goes through the “back roads” of Tomorrowland. You have some control over speed.  You don’t really have to steer, but the ride is smoother if you do.  You’re not allowed to bump into the cars in front of you, but my sister was in front, so……….And it was great fun to ride in the car with my mom, who thinks I am a terrible driver(I am NOT!), but I made sure I was the worst driver ever on this ride.


That’s me after rear ending my sister…haha

Monorail – When it opened in 1959, it must have seemed really futuristic.  But today, it’s not so much.  I see it as more of a point A to point B than an attraction. It’s probably faster to walk, but the history behind it is cool and how can you go to Disneyland and not ride the monorail at least once?

We did not ride the Astro Orbiter or Buzz Lightyear’s  Astro Blasters, so nothing to report. There are a few restaurants and shops here; we did not visit any of them.  But Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port looked like it had some yummy options – with pizza, pasta and salads

For the kids, there is Jedi Training – an interactive show that lets them be Jedis. It must happen a few times a day; we watched for a bit and it was super cute.


Mickey’s Toontown

IMG_1338A really visually appealing area that features the bright and colorful houses of some of your favorite characters. All of the buildings are constructed in cartoon style. The rides and attractions are very kid-friendly, so not a super exciting place for adults. But still worth a visit!

Mickey’s House – we just wanted to go in for a pic with Mickey, but the walk through the house leading to the photo area is awesome.  His house is bigger than mine…it has so many rooms and cute furniture and details. The final waiting area shows old Mickey cartoons.  If you love Mickey, you’ll love this!

Minnie’s House – we didn’t do this one because we figured it was similar to Mickey’s. Plus, I had already met Minnie the day before..spoiled!

Gadget’s Go Coaster – alright, I went on this one.  It’s based on a character from Chip And Dale Rescue Rangers show. Never watched it, never heard of Gadget! Fun Fact: Gadget is a girl mouse who likes to invent things. It’s a junior coaster, and a really short ride. Fun Fact: it is the shortest ride at Disneyland. And the only one that’s based on a TV series.  The cars look like acorns.  If the line up is short,  go ahead.  But I wouldn’t wait too long for this one.

Goofy’s Playhouse – ….it seems like he mostly stands outside of it and you can line up for pics.


Rogers Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin – the line up was AWFUL. Over an hour in claustrophobic dark narrow alleys, made to seem like you’re in Toontown from the movie. Kids were losing their minds in here…not in a good way.  We finally hop into the yellow toon cab, and the ride spins around scenes from Toontown(you can also control the spin to go slower or faster). It’s a cute ride, but a bit stressful leading up to it.

Disney Railroad – runs around the entire park.  The wait time was ridiculous, so I would say if you were planning to use it for transportation instead of walking….. just walk.  But it does have a “ride” aspect to it, so if you don’t mind waiting, all aboard! You can get on here in Toontown, in New Orleans Square, Main Street USA and Tomorrowland.

There are a couple of shops and small places to grab a bite, but we were in and out of Toontown pretty quickly.


For more blogs, check out the original Dazzling Disneyland and my reviews on the other ” lands” of Disneyland.

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