Breathtaking Belize – Caye Caulker Day 3

Today I decide to live the motto of the island of Caye Caulker…”Go Slow”. And I’m learning that this island is paradise on earth!

My day begins at a cute little place called Amor Y Café.

I order waffles, eggs, fresh fruit and coffee. Not a bad little breakfast! I start my exploration at the south end of the island; I just want to take some photos of everyday life here on the island.

I admire the pretty colored houses, with brightly colored laundry hanging outside on the lines.

Everyone that walks past me says hello or waves…it’s so welcoming! I end up at the airfield – it is deserted today but the sign tells me to “come again soon”. Well how nice!

Just past the airport is this cute mini reserve, so I wander into the trees to see what magic awaits. ABORT! This place is swarming with bugs….I think I last maybe 30 seconds before I have to sprint out of there, slapping frantically at my arms and legs. Really, I should have known better not to go in there! I head south past a small church, a small firehouse and a schoolyard with young boys playing soccer.

I figure it’s about time to start day drinking…. I head over to a place called Sip N Dip. This place is cool…you can sit inside or out on the docks…or at a table located in the water…or on the swings located in the water.

If it wasn’t for my sunburn, I’d be all over that but instead I stay in the shade(hey, I’m even wearing a light scarf around my arms and shoulders today).

I order an ice cold Belikin….THE beer to drink here in Belize. And then it’s time to hit up Caye Caulker’s most popular spot…The Split. The island has been split in two…first by a hurricane, and then the islanders expanded the gap to allow an easier waterway between the west and east sides of the island.

Either way, it’s a great place to relax and swim and drink! The bar here is called the Lazy Lizard and the one thing you MUST try here is the Lizard Juice.

It’s a sweet green slushy thing. I ask what is in it and the girl tells me it is a secret recipe…and it is strong! I am joined by Lalo…a local guy who seems to know everyone on the island…including the tourists. I had seen him last night and he recognized me – it is definitely my blue hair that stands out to everyone here.  He’s a friendly guy – he just wanders around all day and night.

I wonder why he doesn’t have a job, and but I think I know what he does. Haha well this girl isn’t interested but that’s ok…he sits with me for a bit and then goes on his way to talk to everyone else he knows at the bar. Important tip: weed and “snowflake” are everywhere…just stay away from it. Period. It’s still illegal and the law enforcement won’t go easy on you!

My next stop is at the Caye Caulker Animal Shelter. It’s run by a local named Kenny; he takes in dogs and cats and they are available for adoption.

It’s not the fanciest place by any means, but the animals roam free and they seem happy and healthy. I snatch up a teeny black kitten, who becomes a little purr machine cradled in my arms.

You can take one of the dogs for a walk, so I figure this will be a fun experience. Except when he gives me the biggest dog in the shelter, Sheba. Ok, she’s not that big but she’s definitely enough for me to handle! She is a little crazy at first and then she calms down but the problem is the other dogs in the area that roam free and come up to her. Some are friendly, some are not. It stresses me out way too much so I head back after only 15 minutes. Sorry Sheba.

On the way back to the hotel I spot a small stand selling large conch shells and I can’t resist. And apparently, it’s not illegal to take them out of Belize or bring them into Canada! The girl selling them seems cool…we have a chat and I buy two of them.

I meet up with the gang at the hotel and we head out for happy hour and dinner. On the way there the conch shell girl sees me and decides to follow us to the Split. Except now she is absolutely blasted and is asking for money. Sigh.

Back at the Lazy Lizard…can’t beat “two for one” rum punch! We stay to watch the beautiful sunset.

We don’t want to stay here for dinner so we walk back through the town. An American guy offers us a ride in his golf cart…ok cool! I hop in the front seat and everyone piles in the back and then the cart tips over. OMG it is scary and funny at the same time. Luckily everyone hops off before it does a full tip…and now we figure it’s just safer to walk. We grab a bite to eat at La Cubana and then next door to Caye Caulker’s most popular bar, Barrier Reef Sports Bar. Just so happens they have karaoke tonight so I wow the crowd with my old favorite, Total Eclipse of the Heart. This is a super fun place, but I’m not in the mood to go too crazy. A couple of American guys want us to go with them to the reggae bar and despite them being cute…I’m still not feeling that great so I just want to go to bed. Haha super lame. But still….an amazing end to my time in the fabulous Caye Caulker. You better Belize it!

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