Enamoured in Egypt – Sailing on a Felucca

Now we are back on the bus for another 3 hours back to Aswan, featuring another bus nap. But along the way we make a rest stop at an area where we can see a mirage.

A mirage is where the sun hits the land and it looks like water in the distance.  When we arrive back at the hotel, we are met with awesome news…Ramez is back!!! And the American guy has gone home. The way the company decides to resolve this is to have the groups split into two, with Ramez rejoining us and Meena taking the other half. We still travel together, but separate. I have to say the company really went above and beyond to accommodate something that was 100% not their responsibility while incurring the extra costs it takes to split 1 tour group into 2. Which leads me to say that if you’ve never been on a group tour, make sure you do your research to decide if it’s the right fit for you. The rest of us don’t want to deal with it! Am I right guys??

This evening we are foregoing a hotel so we can spend the night on a felucca.

A felucca is an Egyptian wooden sailing boat, and they offer a more peaceful way to experience the Nile River. As soon as we get on the boat our lunch is served – potato soup, rice, chicken, veggies, bread. Very simple, but a tasty hearty meal.

It’s so nice to just sit back and chill on the boat while cruising up the Nile. Before dinner, we make a stop so we can swim in the river. I say no way….I’m not dealing with wet Nile hair tonight and tomorrow without a shower!

But there are some brave souls in the group that jump right off the roof of the boat splashing into the water below. I live vicariously through them!

Marcelo and Libby

For the second night in a row, we experience a beautiful Nile sunset.

And then it’s time for dinner – similar to lunch but add in Egyptian macaroni and some basboosa for dessert (a semolina cake that’s just delicious).

We grab beers and head up to the roof of the boat to enjoy the quiet that surrounds us, looking up at the stars. But it’s not time to relax just yet…the felucca docks on land and we all clamber off the boat and enjoy a large bonfire.

We join hands and dance around the fire, chanting along with a song that the Egyptian felucca guy is singing as he slaps a beat on his drum. And then around 10pm, Dad (Ramez) says we have to get back on the felucca and go to bed because we have an early morning. Yes sir! And I have to say, I have a pretty amazing sleep tonight……

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